Broker Post-License Enrollment / 30 Hours / $375.
Broker Resources
Recovery Fund, Trust Account & General Accounts - Broker_PLE.pdf
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  Case Law: Case_Law_Buyer_v_Licensee.pdf
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Article 4 - Prohibited Conduct ARTICLE_4Prohibited_conduct.pdf
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Effective Communication Effective_Communication.pdf
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Licensee Relationships; Confidentiality; Conflicts of Interest  Licensee_Relationships___Conflicts.pdf
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Fraud & Misrepresentation  Case_Law_Hicks_v_Sumter_Bank.pdf
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Salesperson Post-License 30 Hours / Enrollment / $375.

In addition to the education requirements of 12 AAC 64.063 for an initial license and the continuing education requirements under 12AAC 64.500 for license renewal, within one year after the date that the commission issues an initial license to a real estate licensee, the licensee shall complete 30 hours of education.  Post-license education is required to be completed within the licensee’s first year of licensure, and proof of that education must be provided to the real estate commission prior to the licensee’s first year anniversary.

Salesperson Resources

Alaska Landlord Tenant Act  LandlordTenant09_web.pdf
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Property Management    Property_Management_Outline.pdf
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Management Contract Sample Authorization_to_Rent_or_Lease_Contract.pdf
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NAR Code of Ethics 2014  2014-Code-of-Ethics.pdf
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Exclusive Right-to-Sell    Listing_Agreement_FOR_TRAINING.pdf
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Buyer Representation Buyer_Representation_FOR_TRAINING.pdf
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Purchase & Sale Agreement Sample  P_S_Agreement_FOR_TRAINING.pdf
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Good Recordkeeping  Good_Recordkeeping.pdf
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Mortgage Loan Chart Mortgage_Loan_Chart.pdf
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                              Mortgage Loan Terms Mortgage_Loan_Terms.pdf
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Typical Closing Costs Typical_Closing_Costs.pdf
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                             Good Faith Estimate (GFE) 1-gfe.pdf
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